Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home again!

Mom improved so much during my stay that I was able to come back home on Monday, July 13.
Her car, however, wasn't so lucky. It broke down 3 times last Thursday. I was driving, Mom was the passenger. We decided to call an AAA wrecker on the advice of my sister, who came to pick up Mom and take her to her home until the wrecker could get there.

I had to wait for the wrecker, but I was lucky in that we were close to a Pizza Hut and I was allowed to wait there for the wrecker.

All that was wrong with it was an over-heating logic chip.

Mom got her car back yesterday and will try to drive it Friday when she goes to the beauty shop.

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  1. How wonderful To hear such good news.
    You must have been good therapy for her.
    I am glad for you both .Hate it when a car gives trouble. Glad you were with her when it happened.
    Guess its good to be home now.


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