Sunday, November 22, 2009

New toy!

Time for the monthly update!

Since I posted last, I've been playing with my new serger, but the biggest news is that last Sunday I bought a brand new embroidery machine! It's a Brother PE-770. It has over 100 designs in the machine and has a USB port for a memory stick so I can transport designs from my computer to the machine.

I've also been acquiring free patterns from the web. You would not believe the amount of free machine embroidery patterns there are out there!

Also have gotten a digitizer program (also free with purchase of 5 patterns). I have successfully digitized a logo for one of the organizations my hubby belongs to. Hopefully they'll want to embroider it on shirts and caps, but my machine isn't equipped for caps yet (it requires a special attachment).


  1. Hi, Miss Pat, It's Beth or my name on ravelry is SewingBee, I'm the Blond Bee Keeper from Lafayette, I'm just getting my feet wet again and learning some new things on that site.
    Congrats! on the new machine's I'm looking forward to seeing the Logo you are working on for the boy's! I heard about it in Nov.
    Best Wishes!
    You can send me a photo @ my Email :

  2. I have free machine embroidery patterns for you if you want them, come visit me.

  3. I've been looking for a new sewing machine to do some machine embroidery on and I've looked at the one that you say here that you're using. Now that you've had it a couple years I'm wonderin ghow you like it.

  4. No major issues except for some thread breakage that frustrated me until I found out it was shades of red in a certain brand that the machine didn't like. I switched to Robison-Anton and had no problems.

    Be advised that the PE-770 is an embroidery-only machine. You cannot sew a seam with it (unless you're doing an in-the-hoop project).


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