Friday, March 12, 2010

March, 2010

It's almost Easter! Do you have a neat idea for Easter projects? I came across an easy one here:

We're doing this at the Crafty Ladies of Lafayette gathering on Monday.

Also, I went to a seminar at Hancock Fabrics recently sponsored by Bernina. It was about the proper use of stabilizers, how to embroider on towels, baby items, etc.

I'm planning to visit my mom sometime in April, depending on when she can get an appointment for a medical procedure she needs to get done. She will need someone to drive her to the clinic on the day of the test, and having gone through this myself, I know what she'll be going through.
Hopefully the test will turn out negative.

Note 4/28/2010: Mom decided not to have the test done as it would be hard on her because of her age. I did go for a visit though. Had an uneventful trip.

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