Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Sweaters!

These are the items I'm selling at the craft market this weekend.
I've posted a pic of one of these before but now I have a model (a Daisy Kingdom doll).
Sorry they're a bit dark, because if I'd used the flash, there would have been too much of a glare.

Knitted sweater. Yarn is Premier Angel, self-shading.

Crocheted sweater. Peach baby yarn I had in my stash.

Knitted sweater. Red Heart Soft Baby, New Mint Twinkle

Crocheted baby puff stitch hat, pattern on web.

Yarn for both sweater and hat is Bernat Baby Jacquard,
#06317 Easter Basket.


  1. I think your sweaters and doll clothes are wonderful! How'd you do at the sale?

  2. Good luck to you on the sale. They all look great, even the model.

  3. Those are TOO cute! I hope you've received good feedback on your excellent work!

    A Musician by Grace

  4. Sorry I haven't replied about this. Nothing sold. I was so disappointed. Maybe I had the prices set too high.


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