Saturday, March 7, 2009

Favorite Yarn Shop

Do you have a favorite yarn shop you like to keep going back to even though you don't need yarn? This is the one I prefer to go to.

This one is the Yarn Nook, located in the Oil Center in Lafayette LA. In the back of the store there's a large seating area where you can go in and work on your project whenever you feel the urge (as long as the store is open).

On Wednesday nights, they're open late for Knit Night.


  1. Open late for knit Night, but not Crochet Night? And you say they're crochet friendly? What's wrong with this picture?


  2. Well, it was hard to say "Knit & Crochet Night" so they shortened it. The original name was "Nookers' Night". However, they do welcome crocheters, as some of them do both crafts.


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