Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bye, bye Magellan!

I had the occasion to call the Sheriff's Dept this afternoon.   Hubby found out that someone had lifted his GPS unit right out of his console in the truck, so he told me to go check to see if mine was there.

It wasn't.  It was taken out of the glove compartement after they had opened the console to look for it there.  Both the console and the glove compartment were wide open.   They must have come in the  middle of the night because we didn't see anyone around this morning nor last night before we went to bed.

I suppose if we had locked our vehicles we'd still have them, but as it were, they were parked in our own driveway so we didn't lock them.

My next GPS will be a Tomtom that I can slip into my purse!


  1. That's terrible! I hope they find the people who did it!

  2. It is awful. But I do not believe in locking
    my cars. I make an effort not to leave anything valuable because I would rather 'they' open a door then knock through a window or destroy the cars.


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