Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bogus phone calls...grrr!

Recently telemarketers have been calling my cell phone telling me my car warranty has or is going to be expired. This is a SCAM! I have no idea how to get them to stop calling me! Hubby said for me to store the number or numbers in my phone and assign them the name "Do Not Answer" so that if they call, I'll know not to answer it. Hopefully after a history of unanswered calls, they'll remove my number. Will this work? I don't know, but I'll give it a shot. Can't hurt anything.

In case you would like to know the number they're calling from, it is:


Also, got a call from someone purportedly selling burial insurance. I pressed the # key several times and they HUNG UP! Maybe this is the cure! I'd heard that if a computer calls you to do this and it will think a fax machine has answered and will remove you from their database.


  1. Pat I also get those customer service calls and I called my phone company, they said it would cost me $4. a month to have their # blocked,I have held on until the recording ( that is what it is, asked me to punch a certain #(1 -2) etc to speak to a rep to no avail.I call this harassment. Seems we have no way to block this stuff..

  2. These calls are actually being investigated by several state District Attorneys because they are happening all across the country.

    My husband keeps getting them on his cell phone so we did some investigating.

    They use A LOT of different numbers because they aren't actually calling from the number that shows up on your caller ID, they are doing something called "Caller ID Spoofing". Sometimes the number they use actually belongs to someone who has nothing to do with scam and then they start getting calls from angry people who think they are the scammers. It's quite a mess.

    My husband loves to talk to them about getting a real job and not ripping off elderly people and others who are vulnerable and typically fall for these scams.

    When they call press a number to get a person and tell them that they've reached "insert your local police department/sheriff's office name" and that they need to remove your number from their list. This worked for me when they started calling my job (which actually is the Sheriff's Office) and I don't think you should feel bad about lying to a bunch of scammers!

    Good luck, once they get your number they don't stop calling...ask me how I know? :(

  3. I'm also getting these calls! I'm going to write down the number you gave to see if it's the same number.


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