Saturday, April 11, 2009

New needles!

Earlier in the week, I ordered a set of the Harmony interchangeable needles from Knitpicks. I used the gift certificate my daughter had sent me for my birthday, along with some of my own money.

I'd been keeping tabs on the shipment and the last I looked (which was this morning), it was still enroute from Mississippi.

Today I took two other ladies with me to the Lake Charles knitting group gathering, and when I returned about 6 PM, I found the package waiting for me!

I'm a bit disappointed in that there are no connectors to join cables together like there are in the Denise needle set. One CAN order longer cables, so I supposed that's what I'll have to do if I want to knit items with a lot of stitches.

However, the needle tips are gorgeous, and I like the clear pouch that comes with the set so that you can see what's there.

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  1. i love my harmony's. I know there have been lots of complaints, but I wouldn't trade them for nothing


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