Monday, April 13, 2009

Tax Return is Finished!

Finally got to doing the tax return today. Actually, we'd already figured out that we were getting a refund, it was just a matter of making sure everything was filled in correctly and all the numbers were in the right place. I did find a couple of things that needed to be filled in.

I went to the IRS site to see if I could qualify for e-filing. They still won't let you do it yourself. You have to go through a licensed e-filer to do it. However, I DID discover that hubby had forgotten to figure out the recovery rebate credit for this year. We did get a stimulus payment last year, so I was surprised to learn that we were eligible for a rebate of $267!

Paperwork was signed and the envelope is by now being mailed by hubby at the post office.

We opted for direct deposit this year, which is safer because it gets to your bank account faster and there's no chance of your check getting stolen.


  1. Well done on getting your taxes done! I've sent mine a few weeks ago, I sure hope I'll be getting something back!

  2. Hi! Just so you know, we never e-file ($25! just for that!) If you mark your paper return to have your refund direct deposited into your bank account, then mail it, you will still have your money in about 15 days. When we (hubby and I) realized that the wait time between e-file, and paper filing with direct deposit was only a day or two, we stopped spending the $ to e-file. Paper filing with direct deposite is pretty much just as quick. The most we've ever waited on direct deposite is about 15 days. Try it!

  3. I did do the direct deposit thing. My bank statement just went online, so it's early yet, but will check it in a couple of weeks to see if the deposit was made.


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